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The darkness after failure in the life of educated individuals and career aspirants along with their family members, coming in daily news through media, due to lack of right guidance and correct information has led the foundation of UGESCO, "Education & Career Laboratory for self-discovery" as a day dream project of its founder. The member of this project has worked on educations, careers, exams, human resource(HR), employment for 29 years as a research scholar in university, principal in CBSE school, director in career centers, chief editor in books publishing companies, and content head in software web/IT global company. He has authored 52+ and edited 6000+ books for schools,colleges, universities, careers & competitive exams along with 200k pages content for online web digital platform. We, as a family of UGESCO, have set the goal to make it ''The Most Popular Education and Career Counselling Center'' globally.


UGESCO is established with a vision to make it cooperative and coordinating ‘Education and Career Guidance Platform’ as a research laboratory available to every child and career aspirant to discover himself or herself through right analytical appropriate approach, procedure, strategy, environment and experiment. It serves the masses for better education and career opportunities available across the world with practical information. It involves mutual assistance of students, career aspirants, parents, teachers, lecturers, career counsellors, schools, institutes, coaching classes for required information with due request and respect working towards a common goal to make every education and career aspirant to reach on the top of success and satisfaction in life with the help of quality and result oriented ideas, content, effective technology and convenient digital media.


Our mission is to make available education and career information to needy students and career aspirants at right time along with latest relevant data of :

  • top career options across different fields in India & globally,
  • passion oriented professional career courses across industries,
  • result giving high ranking institutions in India & abroad,
  • changing dynamics of examination pattern across competitive career exams,
  • syllabus of different career & competitive exams,
  • previous years questions of career & competitive exams,
  • sample Papers for different exams
  • questions bank on different subjects for career & competitive exams,
  • online mock test practice with result for competitive exams,
  • tips, strategies & analytical approach for study & exam preparation,
  • motivational & inspirational success stories and videos
  • guidelines for job seekers
  • self-employment & cottage industries

appeal to stakeholders

We, from the platform of UGESCO Education & Career Counselling Center in India, are appealing to all stakeholders of education and careers including parents, students, teachers, schools, career aspirants, lecturers, career counsellors, institutes, coaching classes, book publishing companies, governments… come forward to contribute whatever they can from this platform to make India a global leader in quality education and career nurturing field.

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